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(Recreational Association of Dribblers from SDAR)
SDAR has a basketball tradition that begun 44 years ago. Over the years, many great players were born in SDAR, many great games, championships and tales. We have legends like Zamri Chik, dominated the basketball scene in the 1970′s and we had won the PPM Basketball Championship numerous times. More importantly, throughout the years, we have produced a group of fine young men who shared a common interest, shooting the hoops. It is sad that these men do not have a ‘home’ to go to after they finished their tenure at SDAR.Following that, an informal Facebook page was created to create the first avenue, the first point of reference, for these players. True enough, within days the SDAR Basketball Page was subscribed by over 130 members, comprising players, coaches and supporters alike. The excitement and euphoria was visible on Facebook. A face-to-face meet cannot be delayed much longer.Within a few weeks, the group had its first scrimmage (on 31 August 2012); a pick-up basketball game cum get-together event. About 18 players turned up, including a vet supporter (The second scrimmage saw 28 players turned up). Truly the group had chemistry, the crowd was great and we had some great basketball games. The players were from all ages and the talents were good. The spirit was excellent. It was decided that for a start, the group is going to hold this scrimmages on a monthly basis, keeping it exclusively for SDARIANs.

It was after this scrimmage that the group later decided on their name, RADS which stands for Recreational Association of Dribblers from SDAR (also incidentally SDAR spelt backwards). RADS also selected its initial ‘management’ comprising the Manager (Wallie), Captain (Salihan), Assistant Captain (Razzan), Treasurer (Azizi) and Secretary (Azmin).

Moving forward, RADS want to maintain its core purposes: which is PRIMARILY to serve as a home for Sdarians who plays basketball, either from school or post school, as well as the coaches and the fans. And secondly, in order to maintain the competitive nature and talents of some of the players, we will create tournament teams to represent RADS at various competitions.


Muhamad Yazdi

Date: 23 September 2012
Host : Dato Azhar Wahab
Venue : Air Keroh Golf ClubSDARA Golf September result:
(1) Bibox
(2) Ahmad Kashfi Mohd Ali
(3) Nazrin – Guest
(4) Ismail Hassan
(5) Aimi
(6) Komando
(7) Mohd Zamri Salleh
(8) Col Hamdan Hj Othman
(9) Anuar Kasim
(10) Fadhil Ahmad.

TQ for participating.

The RM330 pool shall be transferred to TKKS as there’s no winner for birdie in the longest Par 5.TQ for coming all the way to AKCC, jangan serik to come again. TQ to kaki Melaka yang assist the arrangement (M Faizal Omar and Hazudin Hashim). Congrats to winners. See U all on Oct 14!

Salam SDARA golfers,Our October 2012 SDARA Charity Golf Hosted by Sdara Prof Dato Sri Dr Abu Hassan Asaari is scheduled to be held in Tasik Puteri Golf Resort Rawang on the 14th October 2012, Sunday @ 8am.Green fee is RM150 including Buggy, Bfast, Lunch, Goodies, Prizes, ‘Live Band’ and Medals!! A certain portion of your Contribution will be donated to Tabung Khairat dan Kebajikan SDARA.

Pls rsvp wt me asap. Tq


(Sdar Lion Rugby Club)
  • Jonah Jones International 7s @ RSC, Bkt Kiara ( 22 & 23 Sept)
  • 2 org pemain terpilih mewakili Malaysia dalam Kejohanan Ragbi Asia bawah 19 tahun pada 11-16 September di Sri Lanka iaitu ; Mohd Radhi Sahrom (SLRC) dan Amirul bin Sani (Cobra). Kedua-dua dari batch 2006-2010.
  • Piala Agong : Amirul Sani (06’10) dan Loqman Hakim (0206) mewakili Selangor. Radhi Sahrom (02’06) mewakili Johor. Fazerul Jali (01’05) dan Ainol Fizzy Roslan (97’01) mewakili Negeri Sembilan.
  • Liga Alumni : Perlawanan Klasifikasi – SLRC vs Sajoha ( 13 Oktober ) di Padang utara, Petaling Jaya


(SDARA Club de Futbol)
  • Piala Ansara 2012 : Suku Akhir (kalah kpd Faris Petra)
  • Piala Alumni : SDARA CF vs MCOBA, seri 0-0 pada masa penuh. Tewas kepada MCOBA 0-2 melalui sepakan penalty.
1)      SDARA Futsal 2013 Dijadualkan pada 22 Disember 2012
Lokasi pertandingan : kemungkinan besar di Centre Mart Futsal, Setapak.
Cadangan pembahagian kategori :
¨       Kategori lepasan SPM hingga umur 30 tahun
¨       Kategori umur 31 – 40 tahun
¨       Kategori umur 41 tahun dan ke atas.

Akan diumumkan secara rasmi oleh AJK penganjur dari batch 98-02 dalam Facebook.

2)      Kejohanan Bowling Inter-Alumni anjuran TKCOGA -          Tarikh : 20 Oktober 2012 (Ahad)
-          Masa : 2.00 petang
-          Tempat : Pyramid Megalanes, Sunway Pyramid.

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