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SDAR Robolite 2012 Team

Monday 24 Sep 2012

National Robotic Competition at Legoland, Nusajaya, Johor.  SDAR Robolite 2012 team comprises Rayyan Izmel, Iyad Zakiy, Sufi Mirza and Muhd Farid.

Alhamdulillah , SDAR Robolite team achieved no 7 overall from 80 participating team and they will represent malaysia in world robotic competition 2012.  Trying our very best ……..

Cikgu HAzman Jazimin Saad

(Monday 17 SEPT 2012)

4:30PM – Ketibaan Tetamu di Pavillion SDARLagu Kebangsaan Thai & Negaraku  dinyanyikan Memperkenalkan pemain dan Pertukaran Pennant
5:00PM – Pertandingan bermula
6:30PM – Penyampaian medal kepada pemain
8:30PM – Majlis Makan Malam

Keputusan perlawanan, SDAR tewas 10 – 20 kepada pasukan Kings College

SDAR Debate Team – Champion

Pertandingan akhir bahas dan debat PPM 2012 telah di adakan pada Sabtu 8 Sep 2012 di PICC, di mana SDAR memasuki kedua-dua bahas dan debat, buat julung-julung kali nya.

Keputusan nya:

Syabas kepada pembahas-pembahas SDAR kerana menjadi JOHAN Bahas Bahasa Inggeris dan menjadi pembahas terbaik bagi kedua-dua kategori.

Kali pertama SDAR Johan Bahas Bahasa Inggeris adalah pada tahun 1985, dan ini kali kedua. Tahun lepas SDAR tewas kepada TKC dan tahun ini SDAR pula menewaskan TKC.

Manakala Bahas Bahasa Malaysia pula, SDAR pernah menjadi Johan pada tahun 1982 dan 2010.

Foto2 boleh di lihat di sini

SDAR won in KWN Global Contest

Click on the image to see full news

Summary of KWN Global Contest 2012 Award Winners

Award Country/School Title/Synopsis
Grand Prix
Best Script
Sembawang Secondary School
The First Appearance of Light
A story about two close sisters, just one year apart. The younger one and their friends tell about the elder sister, who committed suicide after sexual abuse, emphasizing the importance of close communication between friends as well as family members.
Visual Effect
United States
Val Verde High School
Fuhgeddaboudit! (Forget about it!)
An animated film tells the importance of sorting and recycling with a comical touch, featuring a trash can and trash, including a discarded can that fears its fate when it’s not properly separated and mixed up with other types of trash.
Beijing Wanquan Primary School
Balcony o Sunshine
A girl who is worried about stammering practices reading poems on a rooftop with help from a boy in her class. The story follows them helping each other, as the girl overcomes her anxieties about speaking.
Iwasaki Junior High School
We Are From…
The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake in March 2011 forced students in a disaster-hit area to leave their home town and live apart in various different places in Japan. When reunited, they frankly talk about their feelings then and how they are coping with their lives today.
Dato’ Abdul Razak School Seremban
The Factory Chicken
This film takes a look at how raising chickens, which are indispensable and routinely put on the table in Malaysia, is threatening the environment of a beautiful village. The film suggests reviewing the benefits of free-range farming, compared to large-scale factory farming which can produce odors and other pollutions.
United Kingdom
Knox Academy
Knife Crime: Think of Life Put Down the KnifeA knife that is carried for self-defense can sometimes get teenagers involved in knife crime. Presenting views of various people on this issue, this film calls on teenagers to “put down the

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