AJK SDARA 2009 – 2011

YDP Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad
Timbalan YDP Dato Gen (B) Abd Rani Ismail
Naib YDP Ibrahim K Moideen
Setiausaha Lt Kol (B) Dr Abdul Razak Abdullah
Timbalan S/Usaha Mohammad Nazir Md Shah
Bendahari Mohammad Hasni Ibrahim





Pemeriksa Kira-kira
Pemeriksa Kira-kira

Dr Khairun Nadzar
Mohd Fauzi Shafie
Mohd Iswadi b Ismail
Mohd Noor Yahya
Mohd Shah Khalid
Mokhtar Ahmad Isamdar
Nor Ehsan Jamaan
Wan Ismail b Wan Hassan
Zainal Abidin Kinta
Dato Mohd Salleh Bajuri
Raja Rahiman

One Response to AJK SDARA 2009 – 2011

  1. mohd fuzi 72-77


    Suggest the creation of email address for AJK SDARA as the official email from the AJK, operated by the S/U &/or Timb S/U, for the purpose of activities by the AJK each time the newsletter if published, if tak ada actvt just submit a NIL actct report. Maybe such reporting could help to bring more awareness from SDARAs on the activities undertaken by the AJK as well from the AJK themselves in showing that SDARAs are looking. As of now, it seems macam some of the AJKs are there for the seat only, not just NO ACTION, also NO TALK.


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