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Salam Brothers, 


Your participation and contributions at our reunion deserved a big applause and I consider it was well attended! It was not as grand as the one in 1996 in Tasek hotel in Seremban but it was meaningful and rather nostalgic.

Please allow me to write a bit here as normally I chose to be an observer and never did pen down what I observed and shared it all of us.

The reunion was a great event and so meaningful to all of us to catch up our loss time after we left our alma mater some 35 years ago. We could see we all came and shared some updates on the great things we do in our life pursuit. We left school at 18 and now we are in the 50s and most of us are doing great in our respective careers and professions over the last 3 decades.

We managed to mingle with each and everyone who were the at the reunion. Though I couldn’t spend so much time with you all but the little time I had was very meaningful to me. I was also rather fortunate to have been able to spend some time with Tuan Syed Jaafar who traveled with me during our journey home that night and he expressed how grateful he was being able to share that moment with us. He did mention to me that though he did not get the promotions and the glories of life after his career in SDAR as compared to his other colleagues. He repeatedly mentioned the joy and how meaningful moment indeed he had with us. Allah has given him bountiful rewards in term of his personal relations with his ex students during their formative years and also during their adulthood. He also believes that not many enjoy what he is enjoying. For that he is grateful.

Now, let us all take a look at our famous slogan we have as Sdarian ie THE JOY WE HAVE and THE SORROW WE SHARE.. AS A SIGN OF OUR UNITY a little bit more seriously. One thing that I saw so evident during our departure home at the school compound on that Sunday 19th of June…. Our brother Hassan aka Chan was uncontrollably sombre and full of sadness. I couldn’t take of my eyes over him and there I was watching him weeping profusely. Let us start looking at sharing the loads on his shoulder! We should start thinking how to give him a fishing line or rod so that he can fish!

Let us all start the thinking process and do our bit for him. Insyaallah we will see him again next year in a better circumstances.

I hope I did not bore yourselves down with my little story to share as I don’t have the flair in writing stories.


Ramli Md Nor


40 tahun yang lalu, aku bersama datuk aku sampai di Tg Malim, selepas 2 minggu tersangkut di Kuala Lipis.

Pertama kali aku tinggalkan kampung aku, Pulai Chondong, Kelantan.

Dan kembali ke Tg Malim baru baru ini membawa kenangan pahit dan manis setahun kita semua berada di Tg Malim. Masa tu kita memang budak yang masih beringus. Takut dan cemas. Makan guna sudu dan garpu pun tak tahu. Teringat juga kena buli dan ragging dengan seniors. Kena menyani lagu ‘chok chok kendong’ dan sebagainya.Tapi itu adalah lumrah hidup di Sekolah Berasrama Penuh.

Well what I can say is that, eventhough 40 years we have left Tg Malim and 35 years we left Sikamat Sermban, the relationship among us is still as strong as ever. I can feel the same feeling I had when I met Farid, who used to be my close buddy, sama2 hitchhiked pergi Ipoh. Same feeling I had when I met Roslan Hassan, Osman Md Nor, Azizan,etc …my gang yang aku selalu menempek rokok dulu.

But the most ‘tak berubah’ sdara76er is brother Rosli Kelan. He looks exactly like when he was in Form 5. I bet you he can still wear his 35 years old jeans.

The rest of us are still the same, in term of ‘perangai’ and attitude. Abidin Man used to be sitting behind me in Form 5 Pasteur and he is as ‘cool’ as I can remember 35 years ago. And he still feel good meeting me and I know he knows me very well. We clicked well eventhough we didnt talk much.

Nordin Muhammad aka chunenek from Perlis is another friend who hardly changed interm of appearance and style. I have to salute him for driving all the way from Perlis to Tg Malim and driving back the same night. I remember him well because he taught me Thai language extensively. I use that knowledge in my regular travel to Bangkok, Phuket and ChiangMai.

I am proud of Bakar Mohd. He’s always quiet but his SDAR spirit is very strong. This time he came to the Reunion with wife and baby. Termite, you must take this as ‘iqtibar’…..

Well I missed the Tahlil because I had to pickup Andy at the railway station. When Bob and me reached the train station, I saw this fella with mohican hairdo and I said to myself , ‘Oh my God this Andy never changed’. Thats Andy I used to be very close since Form Remove. I am glad I managed to track him down eventhough he left Malaysia for more than 20 years to ‘cari makan’ in down under. He’s mentality is still like when he was in SDAR. A very talented singer and penyair and actor.

Razak Salim, first time I met him since we left SDAR. Not really, I met him once in Brighton in 1981 when I did my Tour the England after my undergraduate graduation. Razak is still the same. Same jovial character and I am amazed that a few of us mistaken him for Johan Sahib. Perhaps they both are ‘jambu’..hehehe.

Ismail Mat Akil, the self claimed SDAR hardcore. Still the same. ‘Sekeping’ as we used to call those thin people.

Another Ismail, Ismail Mahmud. Our only headboy. I managed to spend some time with him, smoking away and reminiscing the good old days. He is still the same, except for grey hair and extra pounds.

When I was in Form 5 Pasteur, I always enjoyed the company of Aziz Latif known as Azali in our class. I met him a couple of times before. And I am very proud of him being the only full Professor among us. He ‘s always smiling and as handsome as ever. Azali, you are also still the same.

Our own governor, Ismail Mohd Ali that I managed to bring to the group when I met him 2 years ago in Bukit Senggeh Melaka. He is somehow related by marriage to my wife who’s family is from Selandar/Bk Senggeh. This governor is still as good as before. Cool and young looking as ever. I am glad now that he’s very active participant in our activities.

Well the time was too short to talk and share the memories with everyone. I believe I did manage to talk to everyone. I was as always with Lt Kol Azilah. Our own hockey Captain and MAKBIS President. And like Mail Mat Akil said, I was the baruwa to JWW Birch then and until today I am still his baruwa….

Rani, my Takziah to your family especially to your wife. I know the feeeling. Last month I lost my father in law. Thank you for being very generous to us whenever we met.

Mat Hasnan, I was shocked to hear about your accident. Komando sms ed me and I called him immediately. He said you are ok. Thank God. Hasnan picked me up from my house to Lembah Beringin for golf that saturday morning before moving to Tg Malim that day. And I decided to accompany Bob going back to KL. Whatever it is, it was decided already for that to happen.

I have a lot to write but I am not a very good writer. My point is we are still the same. We are still brothers like we used to be in SDAR. The feeling is strong to the school we belong, thats our dear good old SDAR.

Bidin Yatim, I am glad you got your camera back. And thank you for being OA now. Its good. We need more people like you. OA means activiely contributing good stuff, ie ideas, time, materials, etc.

Hope to hear more from the rest.

Sdara76 golf Champion 2011

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