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(Recreational Association of Dribblers from SDAR)
The 4-Corners Alumni (Sat 20 Oct 2012).

RADSs berjaya merangkul tempat kedua.

It was a friendly, but a bloody (literally) tough friendly. Our YDP Fadhil Ahmad was there to witness our first game against MCKK Cagers where we soundly beat them. Our defense went into overdrive to shut their shooters and their game. Our young boys, led by Mohamad Salihan Izham and Farid ‘Cat’ Isham tore through the opponent at ease and Mohamad Nor Azizi did a great job controlling the plays and making his trademark no-look passes. Budak-budak MC had no chance. Khairul Hakeem and MC kept the inside busy.

On the Second game against STAR, we led easily in the first quarter, led by Zulkopli Abdullah and fresh legs. RADS juniors, Omar TakdeFB, Hasnain Hasanan, Muhammad Safwan, Termite and Mohd Razzan Ismail all made their mark in the game. However, fatigue slowly crept in and STAR managed to close the gap to a 2 point game. That was when Badek and Hadi Hamzah stepped up and rained his shots and kept is in the lead.

The third game saw RADS facing a pumped up SAS who just won their game against MCKK. RADS just had a prolonged break and it was apparent that we were struggling to restart our engine. Combined with fatigue, we could not fire our shots as easily as before. And then the game changed to become very physical and the pumped up SAS leveraged on the momentum they had going into the game. RADS fought hard, bloody hard and managed to keep the game within 5 points much throughout the game. Our defense was on tired and cold legs so SAS managed to break though on the inside. We played valiantly, but could not overcome the deficit in that game.

On the whole, RADS rocks!

Looking forward to RADS’s KLNC team that is going to be led by Syakir and Nik Zulhafizi!

Muhamad Yazdi


DATE : 20/10/2012
VENUE : Megalanes, Sunway Pyramid
FEES: RM280/team (fully sponsored by &

1. Abu Fatah Sanusi ‘70
2. Rashid Amin ‘80
3. Norkamal ‘80
4. Aizal Manan ‘96

Sdara participated in this annual tournament again as a show of support for fellow school alumni’s activities. Instead of sending two teams like we did in 2011, we only sent one team. The players selected were based on their availability and considered as among the top players based on the last interbatch tournament.

Unfortunately luck did not side the team this year. Sdara wrapped up the bowling tournament at no 12 out of 16 participating teams (male).SUGGESTIONS :
• To organise an interbatch tournament. The last one was in 2008
• To appoint a project leader to organise the tournament
• Identify the best bowlers from the tournament and send them to the annual meet

Prepared by : M N Azlan

(Sdar Lion Rugby Club)
Jonah Jones 7s -

Klh terengganu 0-10
Klh Navy Orca 0-24
Klh SMS Old Boys 10-20

Semi shield

Klh Bintang Rugby 0-26

Suku Akhir Piala Alumni

Klh Staroba 5-10

Kemuning 10s

Runner up plate mng Adtec A 24-00

Wakil Malaysia Asian5Nations (senior team):

Amirul Sani (06’10)

Wakil Malaysia bawah 19 tahun ke Sri Lanka :

Amirul Sani dan Ahmad Radhi (06’10)

Wakil Malaysia bawah 23 tahun:

Amirul Sani

SDARA Annual Golf Tournament 2012
DATE : 16/12/2012
TEE OFF : 1.00 pm
DINNER : 7.40 pm
VENUE : Nilai Spring Golf Resort, Nilai
COMP. FORMAT : Strokeplay & Stableford Based on declared handicap
1. Gross Champion
2. Strokeplay Nett Champion
3. Stableford – Medal A,B,C
4. Interbatch
5. Novelties


Team of 3 balls
RM200.00 is payable for each participating team
Each batch may send more than 1 team.

Winners will be determined by total points of the 3 scorecards


INDIVIDUAL : Sdara Rizman Ghazali – Batch ’93
INTERBATCH : TEAM ‘ 93 (Shan Kamahl, Sukri Karim, Rashid Sariani, Rizman)

SDARA Futsal 2012
HARI: Sabtu 22 Dis 2012
TEMPAT: Centermart Futsal Center, Setapak
WAKTU: 8pagi- 4.30ptg

Batch2 yang bertanding di kejohanan futsal SDARA 2012 ini :

Fivers 1982
Fivers 1983
Fivers 1984
Fivers 1986
Fivers 1988

Fivers 1991
Fivers 1993
Fivers 1995 (A)
Fivers 1995 (B)
Fivers 1996
Fivers 1997 (A)
Fivers 1997 (B)
Fivers 1998 (A)
Fivers 1998 (B)
Fivers 1999

Fivers 2000
Fivers 2001 (A)
Fivers 2001 (B)
Fivers 2002 (A)
Fivers 2002 (B)
Fivers 2003
Fivers 2004
Fivers 2005
Fivers 2006 (A)
Fivers 2006 (B)
Fivers 2007 (A)
Fivers 2007 (B)
Fivers 2008
Fivers 2009
Fivers 2010
Fivers 2011


Super Otai
Champ: 86
Runner-up: 88

Champ Cup: 98A
Runner-up: 99
Champ Plate : 91
Runner-up: 97A

Champ Cup: 2009
Runner-up: 2010
Champ Plate: 2004
Runner-up: 2000

Super Cup(open vs otai) :  98A beat 2009   2-1
Overall top scorer: Udang 86 (7 goals)
Overall best player: Alan 98 A

Super Otai Champ: 86

Otai & Super Cup Champ: 98A

Open Champ Cup: 2009



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