Sdara Yang Keuzuran

Sdara Yang Keuzuran

Friday 28 Dec 2012

Sdr Abdul Jamil Sahideen (6974) is having a medical illness called “Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)” in which the his lungs developed fibrosis or scarring or thickening for unknown reason. Thus he will get shortness of breath during activity.

Unfortunately there is no cure and no medication has been shown to improve the outcome of patients with this condition. The only hope is Lungs Transplant but the waiting list is long.

He create a FaceBook Group called “Lung Transplant – Patients” and below was what he wrote today, on his “anniversary”Lets us pray for his wellness and hopefully get his “Lungs Transplant” as soon as possible, Insya Allah.


We’ve 3 days to go before the arrival of 2013. December has been more significant to me after being ‘unceremoniously married’ to Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), Polymyositis & others in 2010 (we’d ‘steamy courtship’ though at Hospital Putrajaya, Serdang, KL, Uitm Medical Faculty and definitely at the awesome Selayang Hospital).

Thereafter, those kind respiratory people felt that, me being ‘the not new groom’ should look for replacement lungs. Thus, I’m now in the queue at IPR (waiting period much longer than those wannabe 1st person getting hold of iphone 5, mind you). Whether I would be in-time to enjoy the ‘recond-lung’ or not……emm….may be we could check the ‘Mayan Calender’ again….ha ha….

So, December 2012 is my 2nd anniversary of the ‘death sentence’ albeit with ‘unlimited’ appeal period. Happy Anniversary to me, he he. Nevertheless, having IPF, polymyositis and the ‘siblings’ as my new ‘partners-in-crime’ would not going to slow down my life. The support (physical/emotional) from family members, friends and those at the hospitals and medical faculty always keep me going ‘strongly’.

Life is like driving, you reach a dead end, you reverse and move in a different direction. To quote one of our members “It is about the journey, not a destination”. Whilst someone also said that “Nobody’s tomorrow is a guarantee”.

Oh gosh…I’m really ‘beating a large bush’ this time. Actually I’m only trying to say that this group is not mine. This is our group. All of you are more than welcome to share your thought, comment, start a discussion or anything for that matter. I’m just the one who took up the ‘idea’ brought up by our kind doctor at IPR. I wish for this group to expand in membership and be a hive of lung issue activities even after my ‘sentencing’. We could even have our own active FB Page if our members are up for it. Yeah, that’s my wish for the coming years. What’s yours?

Reply from Abdul Jamil Sahideen:

Thank you to all of you bros for your concern. Alhamdulillah, I’m okay at the moment, considering the circumstances. Enjoying free supply of steroid (and assortment of other colourful capsules/tablets) to reduce inflammation and to suppress my immune system.

9 Dis 2012

Dpd Haji Hamidin Ahmad Judin :

“Salaamm yaa kengkwan SDARA6774 . . . Dimaklumkan bahawa saya bertiga beranak baru sahaja balik dari ziarah sahabat kita Wabisna di Hosp Kajang (Katil no 5 , Wad 2, Tngkt 1) . Beliau dbawa oleh keluarganya ke situ pada Isnin 3/12 yg lepas terkena stroke . Keadaan beliau tadi nmpaknya masih lagi lemah , baru boleh bercakap sikit2 & perlahan ajer (pd mula2 kena stroke tu , khbarnya tidak boleh bcakap langsung) .

Khamis 8 Nov 2012

Md Nor Azam Azhari (Fiver’81), who had an angioplasty last night and now admitted at ICU 10, Level 2, Ampang Puteri Medical Center.

Ahmad Mizanudin

22 Okt 2012 

saya baru dpt bercakap dgn Man Komputer. Man dan Arshad Dol sama satu wad di Ward 4B, Hospital S’ban.

Arshad sebelum patah tulang bahagian joint kaki & punggung, masuk wad sbb hal sakit psycho dia dan terjatuh katil masa di wad.

Komputer pula was warded sbb hal sakit diabetic dia dan yg merunsingkan adalah sbb kakinya doktor kata dah showing blue black (sign of deficient of oxygen supply to that part). InsyaAllah saya cuba pergi lawat mereka petang ni dan update you all.

Sama2lah kita doakan agar penyakit mereka tidak getting worse dan semoga cepat sembuh. Arshad mungkin esok kena buat operation pasal patah tulang tu dan kita doakan agar pembedahannya berjalan lancar dgn selamat.


@Ramly Khairudin melaporkan dari Kajang.

Sama2 lah kita doa kan agar Allah meringankan kesakitan, kesusahan yang mereka dan keluarga mereka hadapi, ameen.


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