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kepada Sdara semua.

31 Jan 2007
Volume 2 Issue 1
AJK Sdara 2005-07

Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad

Timbalan YDP

M Samueil M Kameil
(Biro Tugas2 Khas)

Naib YDP

Ibrahim K Moideen
(Biro Pelajaran)


Lt Kol (B) Dr Abdul Razak Abdullah

Timbalan S/Usaha

Gazali Abdul Rahman
(Biro IT)


Ruslan Rahman


Dr Khairun Nadzar
(Biro Penerangan)
Radzran Musa
(Biro Kebajikan)
Nik Md Yassin
(Biro Sukan & Rekreasi)
Hamdan Kamarudin
Hamdan Patong
Haniffia Abd Ghani
Mahadhir Ayob
Ramly Khairudin
Zahri Sulong
Mohamad Hasni Ibrahim
Raja Rahiman
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Md Shah Bachik
Dr Khairun
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SDAR 50th Celebration Events



This year, our alma mater, Sekolah Dato Abdul Razak will be 50 years old and we share

our anniversary with our nation's 50th Independence. What a  coincidence!  As Sdarian,  

we should feel proud for OUR school especially when it  is celebrating its Golden Jubilee

together with Malaysia's 50th Independence. There will be NO 50th Anniversary after    

this year. This will be a "ONCE in A Life Time" event.  So, Lets us make this event the 

GRANDIOSE  event in our life.

Sdara has thus formed a committee to oversee or coordinate the 50th  celebration events. 

Followings are the committee members:


Chairman : 

Deputy Chairman : 

Secretary : 

Assist. Secretary : 

Treasurer : 

Guest Protocol : 

Food / Refreshment : 

Event Manager : 

Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad
YB Ahmad Shabery Chik
Samueil Kamiel
Lt Kol (R) Dr Abdul Razak Abdullah
Ruslan Rahman
Dr Khairun Nadzar
Ibrahim Moideen
Zaidi / Rizman


The 4 Major Events that have been proposed were:

1 Sdara Trade Fair (STF)
In conjuction with Inauguration of Sdar, Sg Gadut by Deputy Prime Minister  
2 Join Celebration SDARA, STAROBA & STFOGA   June & Aug
3 Colloquium On The Understanding Of The Thinking Of  Allahyarham Tun Hj Abdul Razak    July
4 Sdara Family Day cum AGM Nov / Dec

For Event (1) & (3), followings are the sub-committee,
Chairman  :  
Deputy Chairman :  
Secretary  :  
Treasurer :  
Food :  
Accomodation :  
Event Management  :  
Gifts & Merchandise  :  
News  :  
Samueil Kamiel
Ibrahim Moideen
Azril Johari
Abu Fatah Sanusi
Musa Ahmad
Nazzary Rosli
Zaidi Yusof / Rosman
Azril Johari
Dr Khairun Nadzar


For Event (2), followings are the committee members,
Chairman  : 
   Deputy Chairman  : 
 Members  : 
YB Dato' Dr Awang Adek b Hussin
YB Dato' Seri Dr Hilmi Yahya
AJK  Srikandi (STFOGA)
Pengetua STF
Pengerusi PIBG STF
( Samueil Kamiel, Ibrahim Moideen, Lt Kol (R) Dr Abdul Razak Abdullah, and Ruslan Rahman )


1)   Sdara Trade Fair (STF)




To gather and give chance to Sdara Entrepreneurs  to display their products and businesses to the public.


i.   Participants from Sdara Members & PIBG Only

ii.  Display & Selling their products

iii. Showing & Disseminate Informations

iv. Networking among Sdara

      Date (tentatively)    :    27 & 28th April 2007

      Time                      :    10 am - 6 pm

      Venue                    :    Car Park, SDAR, Sg Gadut

Participation :
Payment       :
Sdara and PIBG , limited to 30 companies
RM1,500 for the 2 days (a booth 20' x 17', 2 tables, 6 chairs, and breakfast, lunch and tea for 4 people, and T-Shirts)


      Enquiries:   Sdr Samueil Kamiel 017-9700525

                         Sdr Ibrahim Moideen 016-6546508

                         Dr Khairun Nadzar 017-8714050

The proposed program for this event will be,
27th Apr (Friday) Program

       -    10 am
       -      3 pm  
       -      6 pm
       - 7.30 pm

Commencement of the Trade Fair
Inauguration  by  ? (will be announce later)
Close of trade fair
Solat Maghrib di Mesjid SDAR
Majlis Doa Selamat
Solat Isya
Jamuan Makan Malam untuk tetamu
28th April (Saturday) Program

      -   10 am

      -   6 pm
      -   8 pm

Trade Fair
Sdar Inauguration by Deputy Prime Minister
VVIP visiting Trade Fair Exhibition
Trade Fair Officially close
Games between  ?
Makan Malam Perdana Sempena Sambutan 50 Tahun Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak
di Dewan SDAR
Payment :  Various Types of Table
                   Minimum RM1,000 / table

2)  Join Celebration SDARA, STAROBA and STFOGA

      Mainly two events - "Majlis Jamuan Makan Malam Perdana 3 Serangkai" and  "Marching on the
      National Day Celebration"

  •       Majlis Makan Malam Perdana 3 Serangkai
                               Date (tentatively)          :  June
                               Venue                          :  KLCC Convention Centre  or  Putrjaya Convention
                               Tables for each Alumni :  70
                               Tables price                 :  Not fixed yet
                               Guest of Honour          :  Prime Minister

  •       Marching on National Day Celebration  -  wait for the announcement


3)  Colloquium On The Understanding Of The Thinking Of Allahyarham Tun Hj Abd Razak

Objectives: To gather ex student of Sdar, ex teachers and Malay thinkers who were contemporary of Allahyarham and those who worked with Allahyarham, to perform  in-depth study of the program and the implementation of the agenda for the people which were inspired by Allahyarham, such as Felda, DEB, ITM, Malay secondary schools (Sdar, Star & STF), etc. 


    Date (tentatively)   :    28th Julai 2007

    Time                     :    9 am - 6 pm

    Venue                   :    Dewan Felda, Jln Gurney

Speakers             YBhg. Prof Diraja Ungku Aziz
YBhg. Tan Sri Arshad Ayub
YBhg. Tan Sri Dr Majid
YBhg. Dato' Nazir Tun Razak
Facilitators          YB Ahmad Shabery Chik
YBhg. Ismail Zam Zam
Sdara, PIBG & Public
Not fixed yet



4) Sdara Family Day cum AGM 
  • Will be announce later

P.S          All dates are tentative as it depends on the availabilty of the guest of honour.
P.P.S      Izzad Zalman (a Sdara and a producer with RTM) will be doing some Documentary on Sdar, Sdara
               and our 50th celebration.
P.P.P.S   A Memento Booklet "Lakaran Warisan" will be launch ? when.

Celebration activities from Sports & Recreation Bureau

1) Golf Tournament

     In line with our 50th anniversary, a protem committee has been set up to organise Golf Event.    
     The protem committee members are:

             Gen Dr Shukri Hussin - Chairman
             Mahader Ayob - Sponsorship Lead
             Ruslan Rahman - Participant Lead
             Ruslan Nyak Abdullah/Shaharani - Prize and Goodies Lead

      Ruslan Rahman
      Mobile 019-3111814

2) Bowling Tournament

    Will be announce later.


Down Memory Lane

I had always wanted to revisit SDAR again after leaving her in 1968, but because of one reason or another, my wish never came true. However, at last after postponing it for more than 33 years, finally it happened!

It was 6:30am Saturday morning 17/4/99 and also the First Muharram 1420 when I arrived at the KL Railway Station to board the train to Tanjong Malim. That very morning, I woke up at 4:00 am! (Nak tidur pun duk teringat kat TM). I was so eager to go back to Tanjong Malim like the first time. While waiting for the other 'lunatics' who decided to revisit Tanjong Malim by train, I roamed the railway station just like I did when I first arrived by train from Palekbang to Tanjong Malim some time in January, 1965. That time, I was just slightly over 12 years old. That was also the first time I ever stepped my feet in KL. "Macam rusa masuk kampung". Everything was new and foreign to me. At that time, our Masjid Negara was just completed. I was at a loss; did not know where to go. So I just followed my seniors to eat at a restaurant at Jalan Melayu, near Wisma Yakin.

Time really flew - more than 33 years had gone by. I tried to locate the exact place where I first landed in KL. I tried hard searching my memory, but it was not there. According to my son, perhaps I might have a few bad sectors on my hard-disk? I believed it was still there, but  it was just that I could not retrieve it. Age had caught up with me. I was no longer a young budak SDAR. I am now an old budak SDAR and a father to one of them!

By 7:00 am, every 'lunatic' had arrived at the station. They were Sli, Bond, Nan and me. Another very nostalgic sdara also joined us, however he travelled by second class. The four of us were in 3rd class just like before but it was now air-conditioned. If not someone would surely try to enter by the window as we had done before.

The train to Tanjong Malim was at platform 4. By 7:25am we boarded the train and looked for our seats. To our lovely surprise, we met Dr Manaf, Haji Rahman and his son all the way from Kota Bharu. Their seats were next to ours. It was fated that way. It was never planned, only Allah swt wanted us to be together again - another joy ride again for me; just like the old days.

Reaching Tanjong Malim railway station, we walked all the way to the school. We made our way right through the 'city' of Tg Malim first before reaching our former school. The Rex theatre was now a godown. We stopped by at the famous Razak restaurant for teh tarik and roti canai. A few photos were taken. I told Nan and Bond about what SDARIANS’ life in the old days were made of - watching movies, minum ice-kacang and loitering around the town during weekends. Sadly, the ice-kacang stall was gone, no where to be found.

 After listening to everyone's stories, we  walked along the main street. It was literally walking down memory lanes. It really reminded me about the old days - Restaurant Kassim and Ghani are still intact, but Kedai Panjang, Kedai Pak Buyung and the Indian Bookstore where I used to buy Beano and Dandy comics were not there anymore. The old post office was also gone and replaced by a new building.

As we walked to school, we talked about the old days. By the time we arrived at the gate, it was closed. Now, UPSI has a grand new entrance near the padang. Someone suggested we should climb the gates! Luckily, no one tried, if not someone was going to get hurt due to our body size has almost doubled in diameter around the middle.

After waiting for a while, a jaga came and opened the gate for us. We did not go to the Dewan Rahman Talib to register ourselves first as we were supposed to do but went straight to tour the school compound - the classrooms, the sickbay and the Sg Bernam. By the time we arrived near the water tank, Dr Manaf climbed the cat-ladder and all of us gathered below him for a photo session! We were kids again! Luckily, our children were not there to witness what we were doing....

Everyone remembers the sickbay - where most of us were isolated for measles one time or another during our stay at SDAR Tanjong Malim. Alas, it was gone. The swimming pool was now full of rubbish and the kubu Jepun was hidden by overgrown bushes.

After registration at the Dewan Ab.Rahman Talib at SDAR Tg Malim that afternoon, a few of us walked to room 5 Rumah Temenggong, our 'hotel' for the reunion gathering. The room and its surroundings remained the same and according to Sli (Dr Rusli Ismail),time stood still in Tanjong Malim - certain things never changed; just like they were some 30 years ago.... On the other hand, it is us who had changed a lot, especially at the top (hair) and the middle (belly).

We were all gathered here to see for the last time our school and dormitories where we had spent between 4 to 6 years of our formative years of our lives. The school buildings would soon be demolished to give way for Universiti Perguruan Sultan Idris (UPSI) expansion. I hoped that the authority would retain at least one building to remind us that this was where once SDAR was proudly standing. Even though I knew it might be just a hope, I still prayed that it would be so.

The sound was deafening when you put ten old friends in a room! Everyone was eagerly talking. It must have been a big cultural shock for the room having to listen to all our stories. When Sli opened up his shirt, I saw a clear "zip" mark on his chest, another big change that had occurred in one of us. He had undergone a coronary by-pass surgery and it had cost him almost RM50,000!

After listening to exchange of jokes between Sli and Tok Wan (a continuation from our mailinglist), it was time for a bath. In fact, we were all drenched in sweat after visiting the school classrooms, the water tank, the sick bay, the empty swiming pool (full of rubbish) and of course the famous kubu Jepun by the now-muddy Sg Bernam. I wished Rahman Meran was here so that he could enjoy nasi lemak by the river. The water of Sg Bernam flowed sadly towards the sea; perhaps pining for SDARIANS merrily swimming in its once invitingly cool water. Gone too were hilarious laughter and playful SDARIANS swimming in it. In fact every one of us were waiting for the water supply in the school to be cut off so that the school authority had no choice but to allow us to swim in the river for our bath.

While enjoying my shower, suddenly there was a gust of memories rushing into my mind. Somehow the showers behaved just like they used to when I was here in 1965-more than three decades ago. During my first week in SDAR, in early January 1965, I cried for the first time while having a shower at Rumah Bendahara. I was in Room 6 at that time. It was not because someone had ragged me or anything like that; it was because suddenly I felt so sad leaving my parents and a brother and a sister in my kampung. Here in SDAR, I was having all the luxuries of life - a nice room with electricity, a shower and a clean bathroom, a Dunlopillo mattress to sleep on, etc. At home at Kampung Beris, Bachok, Kelantan, I never have all those amenities. Now, my kids are taking my "luxuries" for granted. How lucky they all are!

The first thing I did was to walk along the corridors from Rumah Temenggong, passing through the Dining Hall and straight to Rumah Bendahara. For those who did not come for this gathering, our dining hall had been converted to a lecture hall complete with air conditioner. Reaching Rumah Bendahara brought back more memories to me. Memories of that juicy story of our house warden, the reading room, the restrooms and my very own room.

Slowly I entered Room 6, Rumah Bendahara. I went straight to where my bed was and sat there for almost 10 minutes, all alone. It was pretty much the same as when I left it many years ago. Then my memories started recalling the occupants of beds...one of them had recently passed away.

Sadly, I could only remember about half of them. One of them was Mustapha Zakaria, or otherwise called Stopa. He is now a graduate teacher. He was always bullied by a senior and I really pitied Stopa for being the victim of the senior. But what could I do, a remove class boy at the time. Others in my room that I could recall were Ariffin, Hashim Selamat (electronic gang with Mohd Redza), Rani (Now Brig General Dato’Abd Rani Ismail), Rashid Mohd (now TNB engineer), Aziz Mustapha (a stock broker who used to make money for me), and last but not least Allahyarham Ramli Abdullah who passed away two years ago due to heart problem.

One incident that I still remember until to-day was when Rashid received a few durians from his parent. This King of Fruits was not easy to hide. The whole room knew about their presence, but nobody exactly knew who had them as they were kept in the locker. That night after the lights were switched off, Rashid graciously distributed one ulas of his durians to everyone. Next day, no one complained about the smell of durian anymore. In SDAR, most of us shared our goodies, but I knew there were a few who preferred to eat alone.

Every time I met Y.Bhg Dato' Mamat Ghazali Ab. Rahman in Terengganu, I never failed to laugh. When he was just M Ghazali A.R in room 5 Rumah Bendahara in 1965, I used to be his coolie. My job was to carry his soap by his side as he casually walked along the corridor to the bathroom. His towel was always on his shoulders. Another colourful character was Bongek, a glamourous name given to him after his kampong Bongek, N.Sembilan. Sadly I did not know his real name until to-day.

As I made my way into the Dewan Rahman Talib I remember the days of the weekly school assembly held on every Monday, the weekly Saturday night movies and of course our annual Talent Time. This reminded me also of Punawan Sarbini - the drummer of SDAR's very own band called The Flanders. Other members of the band were our Headboy, Mohd Mokhtar Mohamad (rhythm guitarist), Zainal Abidin Enon (base guitarist) and Abu Bakar Idris (lead guitarist). My favourite singer at that time was Abdullah Sani, once the registrar of UPM. Looking up, I saw plaques and pictures were missing from the hall. All of them are now in Seremban.  Now it was just an empty building with unforgettable memories.


I chose to sit near Ezrul as each and every one of us introduced ourselves. He is now a retired teacher. One interesting thing about this group was that even though they were of the same batch (1957),  they were of different ages, which depended primarily on when their parents registered their birth and not on their actual birthdays!

One of those who never failed to attend any SDARA function was Musa Ahmad, who was then 63 years old. However, he looked more like a 55-year old. We all must go and see him and dig some tips or 'ilmu' on how to stay young. According to him, his youngest child was a 9-year old boy! According to a friend of mine, a man’s age is measured by how old is his youngest child. By that measure, I am older than Musa. Now, I have to look for Anuar (aka Yak) in Indonesia and Charlie at Mardi, our experts in traditional medicines or alternative medicine or whatever you wish to call it as long it will keep me younger than my age.

At the end of the introduction, we had a group photo. One special photographer was Pak Aris, who was quite a character. He cried when a friend of mine gave him a RM50 note as a payment to 20 photo prints that he had stolen when he was in SDAR. He had wanted the photos badly like every one of us, but he was too poor to afford them. Now was paying time. He told me he was very happy to see Pak Aris still alive.

That night we had a tahlil for our fellow sdaras, teachers and supporting staff of SDAR who had passed away. May Allah swt blessed their souls.

To most of us, everything there had a history - even a brass wc at Rumah Bendahara; not to mention the water-tank at the top of it where a few of us used as a smoking hideout. Some more adventurous friends even took the trouble to climb up the ceiling and crawled to watch whatever they could see below them.

How could we all forget...Tempat jatuh lagi dikenang, inikan pula tempat bermain (atau belajar).



~Mohd Adib Noh;forever budak sdar.



Laughter Is The Best Medicine hahaha

In a crowded city at a busy bus stop, a beautiful young woman wearing a tight mini skirt was waiting for a bus. As the bus stopped and it was her turn to get on, she became aware that her skirt was too tight to allow her leg to come up to the height of the first step of the bus.


Slightly embarrassed and with a quick smile to the bus driver, she reached behind her to unzip her skirt a little, thinking that this would give her enough slack to raise her leg. She tried to take the step, only to discover that she couldn't.


So, a little more embarrassed, she once again reached behind her to unzip her skirt a little more, and for the second time attempted the step.


Once again, much to her chagrin, she could not raise her leg.


With a little smile to the driver, she again reached behind to unzip a little more and again was unable to take the step.


About this time, a large Texan who was standing behind her picked her up easily by the waist and placed her gently on the step of the bus.


She went ballistic and turned to the would-be Samaritan and yelled, "How dare you touch my body! I don't even know who you are!"


The Texan smiled and drawled, "Well, ma'am, normally I would agree with you, but after you unzipped my fly three times, I kinda figured we are friends."



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SDAR and Sdara in the News

Edisi Tengah: SDAR lambang kecemerlangan

BERTEMU SEMULA: Bekas Pelajar pertama SDAR menunjukkan tanda
bagus apabila mereka menjadi tetamu istimewa sekolah
pada sambutan jubli emas

SEREMBAN: Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak (SDAR) yang menyambut ulang tahun ke-50 penubuhannya adalah institusi pendidikan menengah yang begitu signifikan kepada kemerlangan akademik dan kokurikulum di Negeri Sembilan.

Sejak penubuhannya pada 1956, sekolah yang asalnya bernama Sekolah Menengah Melayu dan menumpang Sekolah Bukit Zaharah di Johor Bahru sudah melahirkan ramai tokoh dalam pelbagai bidang.

Sempena sambutan jubli emasnya yang diadakan baru-baru ini, SDAR turut mengumpulkan bekas pelajarnya untuk menyuntik semangat dan galakan motivasi kepada pelajar sedia ada supaya mencontohi kecemerlangan senior.

Pengetuanya, Azam Md Atan, berkata ramai di kalangan bekas pelajar sekolah itu berjaya dalam pengajian mereka dan menjawat jawatan penting dalam pentadbiran negara.

"Jadi, kami mahu pelajar sekarang mencontohi mereka yang sudah cemerlang itu," katanya.

Pada sambutan jubli emas itu yang dihadiri 20 bekas pelajar sekolah selain kira-kira 300 pelajar sedia ada, ia dimulakan dengan persembahan orkestra oleh 25 pelajar.

Azam berkata, tujuan sambutan berkenaan bagi mengimbas kembali sejarah perjuangan Perdana Menteri kedua, Tun Abdul Razak Hussain yang berusaha memartabatkan bangsa Melayu menerusi pendidikan.

Beliau berkata, sambutan jubli emas penubuhan SDAR akan dijalankan selama setahun dan pihaknya sudah menyusun pelbagai program, termasuk majlis Makan Malam Perdana dan Pengkisahan Sejarah Tun Razak.

"Selain itu, aktiviti yang dirancang ialah program turun padang pelajar SDAR ke sekolah luar bandar bagi membantu pelajar sekolah terbabit meraih pencapaian cemerlang dalam peperiksaan.

"Kami juga akan menyempurnakan perasmian bangunan SDAR yang dijangka dilakukan oleh Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak," katanya.

Katanya, usaha menyingkap sejarah SDAR adalah untuk memastikan pelajar sekolah berkenaan dapat menghayati sejarah sekolah dalam memartabatkan bangsa Melayu.

Azam berkata, misi sekolah sekarang bukan saja untuk memastikan pelajar mencapai kejayaan cemerlang, tetapi sehingga ke tahap terbilang seperti dihasratkan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Sementara itu, bekas pelajar SDAR, Datuk Ismail Zamzam yang kini Timbalan Pengarah Yayasan Warisan Johor (YWJ) menceritakan pengalamannya sewaktu mula menjejakkan kaki di sekolah itu.

Baginya, pengalaman orang Melayu yang berusaha menuntut ilmu dalam serba kekurangan dari segi kemudahan pengajaran dan pembelajaran, tetapi masih mampu mencapai kejayaan, wajar dicontohi pelajar generasi hari ini.

Menurutnya, generasi dahulu terpaksa berjuang dengan `darah dan air mata' untuk memartabatkan bangsa dan negara, berbanding masa kini yang dilimpahi kemudahan prasarana serba canggih dan selesa.

"Kemudahan yang disediakan kerajaan wajar dimanfaatkan sepenuhnya oleh pelajar untuk memajukan diri dengan meraih pencapaian cemerlang dalam pelajaran.

"Pelajar Melayu tidak harus mempersia-siakan segala kelebihan yang ada kerana pada mereka terletak tanggungjawab untuk memartabatkan bangsa dan negara," katanya.

Beliau menyambut baik langkah SDAR mengadakan sambutan berkenaan bagi mengimbau kembali jasa dan peranan sebagai antara sekolah tertua di negara ini yang berjaya melahirkan ramai bijak pandai Melayu, termasuk menteri.

"Program ini amat baik untuk menyuntik semangat pelajar supaya berusaha dan mencapai kejayaan cemerlang, sekali gus meletakkan nama SDAR terus gah dalam senarai institusi pendidikan negara," katanya.


Brig Jeneral Dato' Abdul Rani Ismail

"110 terima pingat kebesaran Kedah"
Subject di atas dipetik dari Berita Minggu 21 Jan 2007, muka 9,Berita Nasional.

Salah seorang penerima anugerah kebesaran Datuk Setia Diraja Kedah (DSSK) ialah (di ruang ketiga, paragraf ketiga):
Ketua Probos Marsyal Tentera Darat, Brig Abd Rani Ismail. Macam kenal aje orang tu. Tahniah, Datuk. Dulu dia pergi jugak ke Kedah, mengiringi orang lain, tetapi tahun ni dia sendiri yang dapat. Tahniah sekali lagi.

Yahya Pakih

  • Tahniah Brig Jeneral Dato' Abdul Rani Ismail - dari warga Sdara semua.


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Hi Tea With Mr Jim Khulman

Mr Jim Khulman taught Sdar from 1974 - 1976. He taught Industrial Art & Technical Drawing and coached our basketball team which emerged Champion in Piala Tan Sri Hj Hamdan Sheik Tahir for 3 consecutives year, 1974 - 1976. His desire to see his former student made him searching the internet and found sdara@yahoogroups. He wrote to the moderator to join the groups.

Following was his reply when I asked him to identify himself:

"Dear Khairun,  I taught at sdar from 1974  for three years.  Mr. Abdul Rahman Yeop was the headmaster and Mr. Sergit Singh was his assistant.  I coached sdar to the state championship in bola keranjang.  I will be staying in Port Dickson from November 30 until February 27.  Hope to hear from you.  Terima Kasih, Jim Kuhlman"

We then made an arrangement to meet him at Selesa Beach Resort, PD on 1st Muharram 1428H, Saturday, 20th Jan 2007. Sdara that came comprised mainly former Basket Ball Player plus others. 

The attendee were,

Hamidi Abd Ghani, Hashim Idris & wife, Husin Ibrahim & wife, Juminan Samad, Khairun Nadzar & wife + daughter, Mohd Ghazali Abu Bakar, Mohd Ghazali aka Bond, Mohd Ismail Abd Aziz, Mohd Nasir aka Chu Ngah, Mustaffa Hamid aka Linggam, Radzran aka Domang, Ramlan Hamzah, Ramli Ibrahim & wife, Ramly Khairuddin aka Long John, Roslen Yusof, Saifuddin Mungit & wife + Kids, Syed Abdullah & wife, Zakaria Salam & wife, Zamri Chik, Jim Khulman & wife, and Mrs Athisthamany (former clerk at Sdar).

Here are some of the photographs.  Click on the photo to enlarge.


1a 2a
3a group
Other Photographs can be view at www.sdara.com


Sunday, 4th Feb 2007, the news appeared in Berita Minggu. "Khulman tidak kesal jadi guru dibayar RM10 sehari" was the heading at page 11, under topic "Rencana". It was written by reporter, Nor Aziah Othman, Hashim Idris's wife.

Below is the news from berita minggu online.
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Sdar Lion Rugby Club (SLRC) - Ansara 10's 2007
Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera...
Ansara 10s 2007 telah memperlihatkan Sdar Lions RC berjaya melangkah ke final kedua-dua kategori bahagian masing-masing setelah bertungkus-lumus selama dua hari di Padang Utara, Petaling Jaya pada 13 dan 14 Januari 2007.
Dalam kategori alumni, Sdar Lions RC telah berjaya menjuarai bahagian plate setelah menewaskan SEMESTA Old Boys dengan skor 12-0 manakala dalam kategori Bawah 19 tahun, Sdar Lions RC telah kecundang di perlawanan akhir Cup di Ex-SEMSAS Eagles dengan skor 0-3.
Semangat kental para pemain Sdar Lions RC (U-19) berjaya mengekang pihak lawan dan hanya penalty memisahkan keputusan mereka. Ini merupakan persiapan awal bagi Sdar Lions RC pada tahun 2007 bagi  menghadapi saingan Liga Negeri Sembilan 2007 untuk merebut tempat ke Kejohanan Ragbi Kelab-kelab Jemputan Kebangsaan (NICC) 2007.
Berikut adalah keputusan peringkat kumpulan mengikut kategori masing-masing :-


Bawah 19 Tahun                                                                         Alumni 
Peringkat kumpulan                                                                     Peringkat kumpulan
Sdar Lions  vs Ansara Kuala Terengganu   19-0                    Sdar Lions vs Ansara Serting         5-7
Sdar Lions  vs Ansara Beseri                    17-7                         Sdar Lions vs STJOB Warriors       7-5
Semi-final (Cup)                                                                           Semi-final (plate)
Sdar Lions  vs Ansara Kem Terendak        12-0                      Sdar Lions vs MCOBA                    5-0
Final (Cup)                                                                                    Final (plate)
Sdar Lions  vs Ex-SEMSAS Eagles           0-3                          Sdar Lions vs SEMESTA Old Boys    12-0


After all, it's just another game of rugby
"LIONS...pride and passion"
SLRC (U-19) batch 2002-2006:
Am, Basau, Tobab, Mamu, Duen, Manjung, Mentol, Muzal, Merce, Itik, Jimmy, Nepe, Syamil, Pian, Wak, Afiqi, Abadi, Awe.
SLRC (alumni):
Azfa (97'01), Sujak (99'03), Paoh (99'03), Alim (99'03), Ross (94'8), Siam (01'05), Arep (98'02), Zafwad (95'9), Jimmy (98'02), Zaro, Wali, Apong, Misha, Pacang, Cimex (01'05), Bagak (91'5), Mizy (83'7), Shah.
Manager :


Sdara FC

Musim 2006 Kejohanan Bola Sepak Liga Alumni Malaysia (www.ligaalumni.com) yang dianjurkan oleh Persatuan Penggerak dan Pembangunan Alumni Malaysia (Alma) dengan kerjasama Persatuan Bekas Pelajar MRSM Malaysia (Ansara) berakhir secara rasmi pada 1 Februari lalu selepas Juara Bahagian 1, Ansara Kuala Terengganu muncul juara berganda dengan menjulang Piala Alumni.

Sementara itu, Kelab Bola Sepak Sdara (SDARA FC) yang mewakili SDARA sejak 5 tahun lalu mengakhiri musim 2006 tanpa sebarang trofi. Ini adalah kali pertama SDARA FC gagal memenangi sebarang piala dalam sesuatu musim. SDARA FC hanya menduduki tempat ketiga dalam Liga Bahagian 2 dan tewas di pusingan awal dalam pertandingan kalah-mati Piala Ansara dan Piala Alumni. Pencapaian terbaik SDARA FC adalah mara ke perlawanan separuh akhir dalam Karnival Antara Negeri yang mana SDARA FC mewakili Alumni Negeri Sembilan.

Selepas mengecapi musim gemilang 2004, SDARA FC hampir berkubur di penghujung musim 2005 selepas tersingkir ke Liga Bahagian 2. Memikirkan maruah pasukan SDARA FC yang sememangnya disegani di kalangan pasukan Alumni lain dan demi menjaga nama baik Sdara, beberapa individu terutamanya pengurus pasukan Ahmad Zaki Yusoff (88-92) tetap meneruskan penyertaan pada musim 2006 dengan serba kekurangan dari segi kewangan dan tenaga pemain.

Menyedari kemelut yang melanda SDARA FC, beberapa Sdara terutama daripada sdar926.com (Sdara 92-96) tampil menghulurkan bantuan selain beberapa pemain yang masih setia kepada pasukan. Walaupun beberapa keputusan di atas padang tidak begitu memihak kepada SDARA FC, tetapi cukup untuk menunjukkan pasukan SDARA FC berusaha sedaya upaya untuk kembali bangkit.

Sdar926.com diberikan tanggungjawab untuk menganjurkan Sdara Futsal 2006, telah menjadikan acara sukan terbesar Sdara itu untuk mengumpul dana membantu pasukan SDARA FC. Tanpa diduga, Sdara Futsal 2006 berjaya mengumpul penyertaan 32 pasukan daripada batch 1981 sehingga 2006 dan menjadi yang terbesar sejak mula diperkenalkan pada tahun 2002. Kerjasama dan sumbangan pasukan-pasukan bertanding sedikit sebanyak membantu SDARA FC dari sudut kewangan. SDARA FC juga menerima perkhabaran gembira apabila ada syarikat yang berminat untuk menjadi penaja pasukan untuk musim 2007.

Liga Alumni Malaysia 2007 akan bermula pada 15 April 2007 yang mana SDARA FC akan bersaing dalam Liga Bahagian 2. Tempoh rehat yang panjang akan digunakan sebaik mungkin untuk membuat persediaan terutamanya perlawanan persahabatan pra-musim. Semangat yang agak luntur dalam setiap pemain dikenal pasti menjadi antara kelemahan utama pada musim lalu, akan cuba dipulihkan dalam perlawanan-perlawanan ini nanti. SDARA FC telah mengenal pasti beberapa muka-muka baru untuk diserapkan bagi memantapkan pasukan.

SDARA FC juga membuka ruang dengan mempelawa pemain-pemain berbakat untuk tampil menyertai pasukan bagi mengisi kekosongan di setiap posisi terutama di bahagian kritikal seperti penjaga gol dan penyerang. Wakil-wakil batch diminta untuk memberi kerjasama dengan menyenaraikan pemain-
pemain berkebolehan daripada batch masing-masing untuk dipanggil menyertai pasukan SDARA FC. SDARA FC juga merayu kepada semua warga Sdara untuk terus menyokong pasukan kerana jatuh bangunnya SDARA FC bergantung kepada ANDA semua.

Wakil SDARA FC (www.sdarafc.com), Mohd Iswadi Ismail (92-96) boleh dihubungi di 012-6729457 atau email iswadi.ismail@gmail.com. Sebarang sumbangan kewangan boleh disalurkan ke akaun Maybank No. 5644 8105 0450.



Ahmad Zaki Yusoff (kanan), Pengurus Pasukan, memberi arahan kepada para pemain



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